10 Creative Reuses for Empty Cereal Boxes

Why throw away or just recycle your cereal boxes when you can make something cool out of them? Here are a few ideas for reusing your cereal boxes.

  1. Cut the box up into colorful bookmarks. I’m currently using an empty envelope as a bookmark, but a colorful cereal box bookmark would be much nicer. If you want a more elegant bookmark, wrap the piece of cereal box in fabric scraps or punch a hole in the top and tie some ribbon through the hole.
  2. magazineholder.jpgMake them into magazine holders. A great option for anyone who needs a little help organizing! For directions on how to turn cereal boxes into magazine holders, visit RePlayGround.
  3. Open the box up and let your kids color on the inside.
  4. Open the box up and flip it over to the blank side. Draw shapes and cut them out. Your kids can use them as stencils.
  5. Cut out business card sized pieces (3.5″x2″) and use the blank side to print your information on. Especially great for artists and people with creative jobs. Your customers will never forget you!
  6. Make a notebook out of the box. Easier than it sounds. Visit DIY Network for instructions. You can also buy a cereal box spiral notebook on Etsy.
  7. businesscardholder.jpgMake a unique business card holder out of the cereal boxes. Directions for how how to do this can be found at RePlayGround.
  8. Reuse your cereal boxes as gift boxes. I wish I had found this one before the holidays! For directions on how to turn the cereal boxes into great gift boxes, visit greenUPGRADER.
  9. Cut 4″x6″ pieces and make unique post cards.
  10. Create a puppet theater out of cereal boxes and a few other craft supplies. For directions, visit Homemade Crafts at I Love India.
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