10 Powerful Reasons To Try Feng Shui!

feng shui

Feng shui means “wind water” and in its literal meaning it expresses what it does- it’s a natural agent of change.  It’s the art & science of arranging environments to improve your life on a multitude of levels.   You may have seen red ribbons and crystals and mirrors and flutes in homes that are “feng shui’d” and, while it’s not always bad, this ribbon and crystal and house blessing feng shui is based on antiquated Buddhism and I find that these “cures” are meaningless to modern lives.  My style of feng shui is more pragmatic and scientific rather than “mystic” and it is gorgeously styled  rather than talisman-filled and superstitious. I want people to understand space.  I want you to design your dreams and live them.

I apply feng shui principles along the entire spectrum of a client’s life: food, thoughts, habits, social life, aromatherapy, holistic cures, music, art…and, of course, their home and office!  You see, we are made up of  a mind, a body, and, perhaps in your worldview, a soul, yet these components of life need a PLACE to interact.  Feng shui in my fashion sets a very personalized stage for the best of life to flow your way.  Oh, yes, and your home and life will be more aesthetically pleasing and much more fun!

So, why should you try it? Here are a few of the results I have seen from feng shui after many years of blogging and working with clients.

  1. feng shuiMoney can flow in much easier. And it can stick around longer!
  2. Sleep is often revolutionized.
  3. People make better life choices in a higher-vibe environment.  When you are calm, healthy and happy you will make different choices that in, say, you were drunk or depressed. Or both!
  4. Relationships can become more harmonious.
  5. Love can flow in where it was once obstructed.
  6. Creativity abounds in a space where life force circulates.
  7. Depression is eased with sensory richness, a balancing color palette or just plain basic de-cluttering.
  8. Ideas can more easily become activated and realized when there are no obstructions in the environment.
  9. People tend to lose weight- mentally and physically- if they are carrying around an excess.
  10. And, although I am not a doctor in any sense, detoxing the environment can alleviate allergies, boost the immune system and support good health.  It has in my life!

These bullet points are the basics of success that I have heard and seen when you start investing a bit of care into optimizing your space.  Cool, right?!

Stay tuned for more feng shui at Greenster. If you want to get started now, you can sign up HERE  for creative feng shui tips and a free LIFE DETOX JUMP START course with me!

Photo Credit: Dana Claudat

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