10 Ways To De-Stress In Less Than 10 Minutes

10 ways to relax in 10 minutes

Life would be utterly fantastic if we could remain in a zen-like state at all times – be the epitome of calmness and relaxation. However life doesn’t tend go that way, when you have to contend with; missing the bus, spilling your tea, tripping over the cat, screwing up a presentation, fighting against the laws of time and space and other such nuisances. When you feel like screaming aaaarrrhhhh or some kind of obscenity, save the public embarrassment and try one of these 10 de-stress tips. Or just do them anytime, it will be 10 minutes well spent!

1. Rise 10 minutes early

Probably doesn’t sound too appealing but starting the day off right is a great destressor. Instead of filling those minutes pressing snooze; sit quietly, ground yourself and breathe. Don’t fret about what you have to get done in the day, just focus on your breath and relax. Start the day feeling calm not a whirlwind of bustle.

2. Breathe

If you are alive and reading this you must be doing it. But there is a special way of breathing that pumps up the parasympathetic nervous system (it stimulates rest, relaxation, and digestion)and turn down your sympathetic nervous system(responsible for the fight or flight response). The technique is simple; exhale for a longer count than you inhale. A good way to start in inhale for 2 counts, hold for 1 and exhale for 4. Do it for 5 – 10 minutes and notice your mood change.

3.  Massage Trade

Trade massages with someone at work or home for 5 mins each.  The stimulation of accupressure points, release of tension and the feel of human touch is a fantastic stress reliever.

4. Move

Movement helps dissipate the pool of chemicals we wallow in when we get stressed. It doesn’t matter what the movement is just get some deep breaths preferably in the fresh air. If you get your heart pumping, endorphins start flowing and you feel great.

5. Eat Mindfully

Avoid the multi-taking lunch that is so common in offices these days. Take 10 minutes to relax and focus on your food. Eating stimulates pleasure centres in our brains, so make the most of it.

6. Laugh

Whip up a you tube video of your favourite comedian or remember a funny story. Laughing makes us relax and reduces stress hormones.

7. Perfect your posture

When your posture is bad, it is hard to feel good.When you feel stressed make sure you sit or stand tall and smile.

8. Visualise

When things feel crappy, take yourself away for 10 minutes. Visualise an idealic place or a really good time. Draw every detail in your mind and live it.

9. Bedtime Stretch

Have a gentle stretch just before bed. Focus on areas where you feel tension. Breathe into the tension and let it go as you exhale. This will leave you calm and relax perfect for a restful sleep.

10. Perspective

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, “ said William Shakespeare. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can manifest stress, it all depend of the way you choose to view a situation. By thinking calmly and positively, your whole outlook on life can change. It can be tough but practice makes perfect.

Have any more de-stress tips to add? Please do share.

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