13 Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for a last minute costume, we’ve got some homemade Halloween costume ideas for you to try out, some of which can be created right out your closet or with recycled objects that may have otherwise been of no use.


Pretty simple – just paint a box white or cover in recycled white paper, and glue on some black dots to be whatever number you want. Cut holes to put the box over your torso. Works great with two people!

Washing Machine

This one looks awesome if you put a little work into it – I saw it at a costume contest last year, and it did really well. Works the same way as the dice – cut holes in a box so it fits over your torso. The one I saw was painted white, and the person wearing it had cut a hole in the bottom of an old plastic laundry basket and glue it to the top of the box. They also glued an empty laundry detergent bottle to the top. Draw a door and some knobs on the front (or you can attach old plastic knobs or craft some out of cardboard or paper).


Same concept with the box. Paint it silver, let your imagination take over! Saw this one last year as well, the wearer had used dryer vent tubing (the silver stuff) for his arms, and even had a working blinking light. PBS Kids has some directions for another way to make a robot (as well as a milk carton and a TV).

Head on a Silver Platter

Another box idea! Cover the box with a table cloth, glue on some place settings. In the center, glue on a plastic silver platter with a hole cut in it for your head to pop through.


All black clothes, black duffle bag. For the burglar mask, you can use a black scarf or a long, thick ribbon with holes cut out for the eyes.

Hula Girl

If you have a knee length green skirt (that you don’t mind butchering!), it can easily be transformed into a “grass” skirt, just cut it into strips. Pair with a bikini top and bottom. If you have a cloth flower lei, you can use that, or you can string together some colorful hair scrunchies.


Super easy – black pants, black shoes, black bowtie. No shirt! Probably not for the shy guy :)

Frazzled Housewife

Rollers in your hair or just generally messed up hair, green facial mask or face paint. PJs, bathrobe tied cock-eyed, slippers. Add the worn out look by using dark makeup to create bags under your eyes.


Super easy – scrubs and a stethoscope. This one can easily be added to if you have extra medical accessories.

Heart Broken

Dress in PJs, mess up your hair. Use eyeliner and mascara (non waterproof), then use a wet wash cloth to smear it down your face as if you’ve been crying. For an added touch, carry an empty ice cream carton or box of tissues.

Where’s Waldo

Red and white horizontally thick striped shirt, blue jeans, red and white hat. Waldo’s hat is white with a thick red band at the bottom and a red puffball on top. If you have them, wear some thick black plastic framed glasses.

Laundry Basket

Cut a hole in the bottom of a thin plastic laundry basket, small enough so the basket will sit on your hips after pulling it over your head. Fill with laundry.

Spa Day

Wear a white bathrobe and wrap your hair in a white towel. Slippers are a nice touch, as well. Use a green facial mask or face paint. An eye mask can be set above your eyes on top of your hair towel. Carry a mirror.

Still looking for more ideas? About.com offers a number of ideas that can be created with sweatsuts. If you’re going for a gory look, make your own fake blood.

Have fun!

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