28 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Be Happier


After spending 6 weeks in Hawaii with hand luggage only, I realised how very little I actually needed to live. When I returned everything seemed so complicated and unnecessary. It appears I am not the only one who felt this liberation from de-clutteration. The Morrisons, consisting of Gabriella, Andrew and their daughter Terra, decided to sell half of their worldly possessions, buy a pop-up tent trailer and search for a simpler life. They left behind the stress of endless to-do lists and the distraction of media, television, phone calls and emails. This lead them to realise that they had been so consumed with maintaining their nice lifestyle they never had time to enjoy it. They felt they gained the most whilst living with the least they ever had.

If buying a trailer and leaving the country doesn’t work for you, why not try these life editing tips?

1. Ditch the TV (or at least turn if off). Save time and avoid ads that might want to make you buy stuff.
2. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read online instead, save paper and clutter.
3. Get rid of excessive furniture, go multifunctional instead. More space, less to clean around.
4. Digitize your music, download movies. No more CD or DVD cases.

Definitely don't start a naval fluff collection. I'm not sure why the colour varies by year ugghh.

5. Don’t be a hobby dabbler and rack up loads of equipment that you hardly ever use. Pick one or two things you love.
6.Don’t start collections.
7. Organise everything. It’ll give you a wad of self-satisfaction and saves time when you want to find something.
8. Don’t bother being fashionable. You will be so last season before you know it.
9. Throw away any cosmetic you don’t use on a weekly basis.
10. Always shop with a shopping list.
11. Eat healthy and live healthy. Save being sick time and medical bills and feel awesome and not have to buy different sizes of clothes.
12. Pay bills online and bank online. Automate as much as possible.
13. Check and answer email during defined periods.
14. Take digital sabbaticals. Disconnect for a hour, a day, or a weekend to remember what life was like before it took over.

Multi-tasking really doesn't work

15. Limit your commitments. Drop old ones to make way for the new.
16. Right-size your expectations. When you expect too much of yourself and others, disappointment and stress are often the result.
17. Go with the flow. Instead of trying to control things, let them happen as they may and enjoy it.
18. Multi-tasking isn’t a good skill to have. Focus on one thing at a time.
19. Fix little problems before they become big ones, prevention is always better than the cure.
20. Ask for help or advice. Rather than wasting hours researching on your own and share your expertise in return.
21. Keep an open mind and except others for who they are.
22. Live in the present. What’s the point in dwelling on the past of worrying about the future? Practice by meditating everyday.
23. Forget about perfection. It doesn’t exist.


24. Think before you act or speak.
25. Don’t hold grudges. There isn’t enough time.
26. Make gratitude your attitude. Why not? It will only make you happier.
27. Downsize your digs. Less to clean, less rent, less utilities, less stress.
28. Carefully make your own definition of “success” and centre your life around it.

They do say simplicity is the key – I think they’re on to something. I came up with 28, if you have any more to add please do share.

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