3 Things You Should Know About Yoga

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Yoga has taken the world by storm. It is understandable why, the benefits are endless – reduced stress, fatigue and indigestion, improved emotional stability, weight-loss and muscle-tone to name a few. However you may not notice these wonderful benefits right away and we don’t want you to be disheartened so keep these three factors in mind.

Don’t expect to be able to do this right away.

1. It takes practice. As with any other skill practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to be able to do all the poses right away.  Some look deceivingly simple but can take years to master. Also be careful not to injure yourself by letting your ego get in the way and pushing yourself too far. Patience is a virtue and when you finally crack a pose the feeling of satisfaction is incredible.

Feel the calm.


2.  It will push you out of your comfort zone. Some will find this frustrating and unappealing so give up. Don’t be one of them. Think of it as a way to practice for life’s harder moments. You will find that you will be better able to deal with stress, irritation and anger in the real world.


3. You have to commit. You can’t be a dabbler when it comes to yoga. The key to maximising the benefits is to maintain a regular practice. Trust us it’s worth it.


For motivation here is an incredibly inspirational video, which proves that you should never give up.

Have you felt any life shifts after taking up yoga? Please share your experience to inspire other readers.
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