$40 GiraDora Washer Uses No Electricity


Designed for developing countries that lack the resources to buy and run standard washing machines, the GiraDora bring efficiency and comfort to people who previously had to wash all their clothes by hand.

For anyone who has ever tried to hand-wash their clothes, they can understand just how hard it can be on one’s back and joints, let alone the time it takes to wash a whole family’s clothes –on average, six hours of intense work are required to hand-wash clothes.  For these reasons and more, Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You created the GiraDora, a combination washer and spin-dryer that is powered by a foot pedal.

Not only is the GiraDora more comfortable, it saves time by allowing the washer to wash clothes by the load versus individual piece.  The dryer aspect of the GiraDora also removes the majority of moisture from clothing, which drastically reduces drying time and prevents mold growth.

Though a prototype of the GiraDora has already been created, it’s still has yet to hit full production.

Though it’s targeted at helping ease the burden of washing clothes in developing countries, would you consider getting one?  It’ll get you moving and reduce your electricity usage!


Photo Credit: GiraDora, Gizmag

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