A Happy New Years with a Happy Morning: 5 Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes

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Love the feeling on New Year’s Eve, but hate the feeling on New Year’s Day? This year, skip the hangover and head straight for a good morning with these five delicious, non alcoholic drinks.

Carrot Nog

Serves 4

An egg-less Nog? This version of the festive classic will have the Easter bunny wishing he could switch holidays.

1 c. coconut milk
1 c. almond milk
2/3 c. fresh carrot juice
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
4-6 tsp. maple syrup
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
2 Tbsp. melted coconut oil


Combine everything and blend completely. Chill for 20 minutes before serving.

non alcoholic drinksCandy-Apple Punch

Serves 3–4

A “punch” to the taste buds.

1-1/2 c. low sugar cranberry juice
1-1/2 c. low sugar apple juice
3/4 c. cold water
3/4 c. ginger ale
About 10 cinnamon candies
3 ounces low sugar lemonade (or limeade)
Fresh apple slices


Combine both juices, along with the water and lime/lemon in a jug. Add in the cinnamon candies and stir well. Chill for 5 hours. Be sure that all the candies have completely dissolved. Add fresh slices of apple and serve.

Citrus Sparkler

Serves: 4

Headache-free prep. Headache-free morning.

1/2 c. water
1/2 c. raw sugar
8 blood oranges (juiced with or without pulp)
2 large grapefruit (juiced with or without pulp)
1/2 c. sparkling tonic water
Lime slices (or lemon)


Sugar Syrup:

Combine both the water and the raw sugar to a small pan and heat, stirring on low-medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved.  Allow the sugar syrup mixture to cool.

Blood Orange Sparkler:

Mix the juices together in a separate pitcher. Add tonic water (for sparkle) and the sugar syrup (directions above) to the desired taste. Add ice or chill in the fridge. Add lime slices and serve.

non alcoholic drinksEasy Morning Sunrise

Serves: 4

As the name suggests, drinking this “Sunrise” at night makes for an easy sunrise the next morning.

16 ounces pineapple juice
16 ounces “five alive”
8 ounces grenadine


Mix the pineapple and five alive, then pour evenly in to two separate glasses. Slowly add 4 ounces of grenadine to each glass (do not stir).

Cranberry Crush

Serves 4

Cranberries are the holiday berry, so why not add some to your drink? This simple mix not only looks great, but tastes great too.

1/2 c. fresh cranberries (washed)
1 c. cranberry juice
Ginger ale
Lemon slices


First, add the cranberries into a glass, then crush gently. Add in the cranberry juice. Top up with ginger ale and serve with lemon slices.

by Tom Bath and Alyx Ho

This series on living fantastic for the holiday season is a collaboration between Greenster and the students of the Langara Publishing Program, who as a team produce Pacific Rim Magazine. Enjoy! 

Photo Credit: Ginny, Loren Javier, The Culinary Geek
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