5 Ways to Know You are Committed to Growth

committed to growth

Life has its way of making sure we get what we need and who we need. It’s my personal opinion that we come to this life in search of spiritual growth and development. The age of the soul determines the level of challenge one will acquire and the maturity of the soul determines the level of awareness one has of their ascendance from spirit into the physical world we call life.

I consider myself a student of teachers such as Iyanla Vanzant, Michael Beckwith, Shaman Durek, Luisah Teish, Malidoma Patrice, and Deepak Chopra. Throughout my studies of their teachings I’ve been able to validate what I’ve felt was true since I was a child: Earth is spiritual boot camp. If we are committed to growth and learning, life will always teach us and some of our greatest teachers will be our relationships with loved ones.

How do you know when your lessons are being learned? Here are 5 ways to discover if you are committed to growth:

1. You don’t get bent out of shape if someone presents you with an idea or perspective that is different from yours. How well do you tolerate opposing ideas, diversity in culture, belief systems, and opinions? Do you get angry when people don’t agree with you? Do you believe them to be  inferior or crazy? If so, expand, take a chance and consider their views without judgment. You might learn something or you might conclude that they are in fact crazy and need help (just kidding!).

2. When conflicts become present, you confront them. Things never happen to you because you’re doing everything right and everyone else is wrong. It’s simply not the case. There is always room for growth; there is always an opportunity to learn something.

3. When challenged, you ask, “How am I being asked to grow?” or “What in me is trying to emerge?” or “Why is this person a trigger for me?” Again, there is always something to learn. Everything serves to further. When this becomes true for you there is no longer a need to focus on the other person or the challenge you are facing.

4. Your worldview is centered in the truth that the source from which you were created is always supporting you and working for your highest good. When this becomes the center from which you breathe, you are forever empowered and supported. You understand that victimhood is a reality of a perception rooted in lack, fear, and limitation. Things happen to you not to destroy you but to challenge and make you better.

5. You understand that your truth is only yours. Because it is YOUR truth does not diminish nor invalidate the truth of others. This one speaks for itself. Your experience, your pain, your joy is YOURS! Don’t expect others to feel what you feel. Don’t expect people to think how you think. It all belongs to you. You can only hope, but not expect, that people have compassion for your pain and genuine happiness for your joy. If not, learn to let that be fine too.

Photo Credit: Lovely Rita
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