5 Ways to Detox without Torturing Yourself


Still can’t seem to get yourself motivated after the holidays? Still thinking of trying that new detox that everyone has been talking about, but you just can’t fathom trying to stomach all those crazy concoctions and starving yourself for the sake of your liver? Stop torturing yourself–there are less harsh ways to get a jump start on getting healthy and detoxifying your mind, body, and soul without putting yourself through days (or weeks) of misery.

Sweat It Out:  I agree the gym is not always the most fun place to be and it can sometimes get monotonous as the weeks trudge along, but sweating is the one of the best ways to get rid of the toxins from your organs, blood, and skin. Shoot for an hour a day, 5 days a week. Running gets boring real quick for most of us, so mix it up! Try hot yoga, take a spinning class, learn to kick box, dance yourself into a pool of sweat with Zumba. And then go hide in the sauna and sweat some more while you close your eyes and relax at bit before getting back to reality.

Eat A Lot: Fasting and solely juicing is tough and make it hard for most people to succeed with their detox, as most times it leaves us starving and grumpy. So instead, eat a lot and more often! Just choose the foods that are good for you and will help flush your system. Stock up on green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard. These are great to include in a morning smoothie, and if you don’t like their taste you can mask it with fresh fruit. Foods high in fiber are perfect detoxifiers, so incorporate whole grains like brown rice and quinoa into your diet. Also, try to add garlic to your dishes a couple times a week.

detoxDrink More: Water that is! Upping your intake of water will flush you’re entire system. When detoxing, shoot for 10 glasses or more a day. Water can tend to get bland pretty quickly, so spice it up a little: add fresh berries or a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber for extra taste. Green tea is also great for detoxing your entire system. Drink it hot or cold, just don’t load it up with sugar or you’ve just cancelled out everything good you’ve just done for yourself.

Don’t Forget Your Skin: Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs everything from soaps and lotions, to germs and pollutants. Our skin will often tell us when something is gone awry in our bodies–flare ups, break outs, dry skin, even skin disorders will tell us our body has an inflammation, an allergy, is missing a nutrient, and even is lacking enough water. There are lots of ways to detoxify the skin other than just drinking water. You can try a dry brush scrub: there are special brushes that can be purchased at health food stores and are used to brush your skin while it’s dry to remove toxins and dead skin cells. You can also try a hot towel scrub: using hot water and a wash cloth, spend anywhere from 2-20 minutes scrubbing each part of your body until it turns slightly pink or becomes warm to the touch. This method allows excess fat, cellulite and toxins to release to your skin’s surface, and also opens pores, relieves muscle tension, and promotes circulation. We can’t forget about detoxing foot spas or baths–you can actually watch the water change colors as the toxins and heavy metals leave your body!

De-Stress: Stress is a huge factor that wreaks havoc on our systems and our bodies daily–learning to take control and finding different ways to reduce stress will also relax and purify the mind, body, and soul. Try doing something you love and are passionate about, learn to meditate or focus on breathing techniques, listen to soothing music, read a book, change your mind-set to positive thinking, learn tai chi, and even sleep a few extra hours to help reduce stress and detoxify the body.

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt, Luke Peterson

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