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Greenster Magazine launched Earth Day 2008 as a green lifestyle blog under domain name focusorganic.com. In 2010 it was voted Top Organic Blog. The site stopped publishing information at the end of 2010 and remained dormant until April 2012 when it was relaunched under the domain name greenster.com.

Greenster.com by the numbers (current as of September 2012).

By The Numbers:
15,000+ unique visitors per month
Alexa rank of 290,000
65% visitors from US and Canada
65% organic Google search traffic

Demographic Profile:
Gender: 71% female
Age: 74% 24-45 years old
Income: 39% $50-99k, 32% $100k+
Education: 55% bachelors, 28% graduate degree
Occupation: 77% full time work, 12% students

Top International Markets:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Australia

Top North America Markets:

  1. California – SF, LA, SD
  2. New York – New York
  3. British Columbia – Vancouver
  4. Texas – Houston, Dallas, Austin

We offer creative solutions to handpicked, trusted companies and brands of all sizes and across various industries that meet our wellness and sustainability criteria.

We do not accept payment for placement of articles, sponsored tweets or facebook posts and we reserve the right to creative control over promotional content.

Residual Advertising:
While traditional advertising campaigns stop yielding benefits as soon as the campaign ends, our residual advertising program continues to drive traffic over the life of our site.

Sponsored Reviews:
Rather than one-off publicity coverage that has limited market reach and engagement by the reviewer, we offer sponsored reviews over extended trial periods that produce thorough and memorable commentary.

Branded Giveaways:
Beyond the traditional giveaway, we leverage email and social media before, during and after the campaign to maximize engagement and post-campaign lead/sales development.

Static/Rich Ads:
We offer one 300 x 300 exclusive ad placement adjacent to article content. We accommodate static and expandable (vertical orientation) formats. We prefer < 40k file size, < 15 second animation, 18-24 frames per second and video length of < 30 seconds. We require a close button, volume on/off button and we do not allow uninitiated volume on ads.

Custom Programs:
If you have a creative idea that goes beyond what we offer, let’s hear it!

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