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Anno 2070 is a long-awaited strategy and simulation computer game that takes you to the future, challenging you to make decisions about the impact of your actions in a world facing the consequences of climate change.

In Anno 2070, there are two sides vying for control: the Ecos and the Tycoons. The Ecos respond to environmental issues like rising sea levels with sustainable decisions like relying on natural sources of power. The Tycoons, on the other hand, prioritize aggressive growth with no consideration for society or the environment. Needless to say, both approaches have vastly different outcomes for society in the long term.

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Both sides have various needs to consider in order to expand. You are faced with decisions about the fertility of the land, the amount of power your city needs, and whether or not you’re providing enough housing for people. You get to be a master planner, laying out infrastructure and managing resources. You are also faced with the consequences of your decisions. If you expand aggressively it can lead to war with other nations, forcing you to build up an army and wage a real-time strategy battle against opposing nations. Or it could lead to environmental disasters befalling your struggling people.

Anno 2070 is a refreshing change from combat gaming. Certainly a much more productive way to spend time. To those of us who are fascinated by the opportunities and the challenges we face with the impact of the decisions we make today, there is a lot to look forward to when Anno 2070 debuts this Autumn 2011.

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