Apple’s Going Green with Dissolvable Packaging

dissolvable packaging

Get a new iPod for Christmas this year? If you did, you may have noticed a new set of headphones included in the box. Don’t tear them open too quickly though– take a second to check out the packaging. And then, if you’re feeling adventurous, drop the packaging in water and you’ll soon see: it’s completely biodegradable.

Pretty awesome, right?

The dissolvable packaging is made from a renewable tapioca paper that is now part of Apple’s Environmental Footprint web page. Though it’s only the packaging for the EarPods (earbuds) that come with iPods, we’re hoping that they’re testing it out for use in more parts of the packaging. In the meantime, according to the same web page, Apple has already made some pretty impressive moves to make their package design as efficient and minimal as possible in order to reduce materials and waste.

So far, they’ve succeeded in decreasing the overall package size for their iPhones over the years, which means that fewer materials are used, as well as that more boxes can fit in each shipping pallet (which results in less transportation and CO2 emissions).

Unfortunately though, Apple’s iPhone 5 EarPod case is made from plastic, not the dissolvable packaging. C’mon Apple, you know consumers don’t really care about the case their ear buds come in!

Maybe by next year all of their products will have dissolvable packaging. Instead of dreaming of sugar plums, you could be dreaming of an iPod that’s box disappears once dropped in water.

Photo Credit: Erwin

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