3 Ways to Be Positive No Matter What Happens

be positive

You hear the advice all the time… be positive, be happy, think good thoughts…It all sounds great but how realistic is it? How do we have a positive outlook on life when life by its very nature can be so hard?

The trick is finding what’s good, even if it’s small, in every situation. Here are three small and easy ways to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative on a daily basis:

  1. Focus on what is working. Maybe you have the opportunity to work with your best friend even though you may not love your job. Or maybe you have an awesome home that makes you feel safe and secure. Or you could have a ton of really amazing supportive friends who help you through heartbreak and disappointment. No matter what is happening in your life, know that you have a lot of good going on… you just have to be able to see it.
  2. Do things that bring you joy. Get that facial you always wanted. Take long, hot baths everyday. Read a trashy novel. Take a break from the daily grind and take care of you. Every one deserves to have pleasure on a daily basis. The world needs you at your best.
  3. Give yourself permission to be outrageous. So many of us deny ourselves to let loose and let our inner child out. Maybe all you need is to dance alone in your underwear to your favorite tunes or let your inner Mariah Carey out in the privacy of your car. When I am feeling a negative mood coming on, I like to jump on my mini trampoline and sing to my three very large dogs. It makes them happy and literally jolts me out of my crappy mood.

Once you shift your thinking to the positive, doors open up, opportunities come knocking, your life starts to change. It’s no easy feat to be positive. It takes a bit of mind discipline to begin to see the positive in the bleakest of situations but it is doable. Once you recognize that thread of bliss, FOLLOW IT! Take it and run with it. Encourage it and nurture it. What you focus your attention on will grow.

And so, be positive and move into vibrant health and joy!

Photo Credit: Marissa Gawel

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