Bee M.D. – Organic Honey Throat Drops

Bee M.D.Just in time for flu season, BestSweet Inc. has come out with Bee M.D. Not only a product with a cute name, Bee M.D. are USDA certified organic honey-based throat drops.

“At BestSweet, we don’t believe that a throat drop or supplement must taste awful to be effective. Bee M.D. is soothing and sweet tasting and wards off cold symptoms naturally,” says Harry Overly, vice president – marketing and innovation for BestSweet.

Even those of us who have switched to organic foods and organic cotton clothing may neglect to consider our cold remedies… have you ever had an organic throat drop? I have, even before Bee M.D. I won’t tell you which brand they were, because they weren’t worth it. The flavor wasn’t bad, but they weren’t smooth at all, and they actually made my mouth and throat feel dry and scratchy! Not so with Bee M.D. These drops are definitely smooth, and they do what they are supposed to – they helped my sore throat. The Natural Honey flavor isn’t too bad tasting, either – I would easily choose these over your standard cherry drops. There is also a Honey Lemon flavor, but I haven’t opened that package yet!

Bee M.D.Not only are the throat drops a healthy alternative, but Bee M.D. creators are doing what they can to help the earth, too. They use all natural, recycled, or biodegradable materials and packaging whenever possible, and they donate a portion of every sale to support the research and protection of bees.

Bee M.D. can be found in grocery stores and pharmacies for a very reasonable suggested retail price of $3.29 for a 21-count bag. They can also be purchased through Amazon and Drugstore.com, but I highly recommend you check out your local stores first, since the online stores will charge you shipping. Another recommendation I have is to check out Bee M.D.’s website Sponsor a Bee. It’s adorable, has games, trivia, and honey recipes, and you can learn more about bees and their current situation.

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