Caine’s Arcade: LA Boy’s Imagination Nets $137,000 In Scholarship Fund (Video)


Caine’s Arcade video has gone viral. Prepare yourself because this update to our earlier post makes the story even more heart warming. Caine’s first customer, film-maker Nirvan Mullick, has not only given the 9 year old the best day of his life by organising a flashmob to inundate his arcade with customers, he has also secured Caine’s future. Mullick set up a scholarship fund on the Caines Arcade website, where anyone touched by his story could chip in. Imagine what this kid could build with an Engineering degree!  As of this morning the fund stands at over $137,000! Isn’t this such  an inspiring demonstration of the power of Internet and how awesome people are?

If you haven’t already watched the video do it now, it wil brighten up your day!

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