Caines Arcade: Must Watch Inspirational Video


This will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!! Meet Caine Monroy, a 9 year old boy who built his own cardboard arcade out of the side of his Dad’s auto-part business in East LA. Despite not having any customers, he operated the arcade every weekend. Then business suddenly boomed… You have got to watch the video, it is so heart-warming to see his endless enthusiasm, imagination and determination finally recognised. What’s more, he’s going to be featured on ABC with Diane Sawyer on 11th April. He’s becoming quite the celebrity.

Caine definitely has a special something but I reckon every kid has the same creativity potential. Sadly most of it has been suffocated by TV and video-games. What do you think? Children aside, we can all learn something from him – never give up! Oooff I feel all teary….

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