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Wood is Good: 5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Toys for your Kids
wooden toys
5 Ways to Have a Green Halloween
Green Halloween
  • Marissa Gawel
    Glad you liked it, and hope you have a very happy green Halloween!
  • Joanne Greenwood
    Thanks Melissa, great post. It is such a shame to see so much waste in the ...
Homemade Raw Chocolates: The Ideal Mother’s Day Gift
Mothers Day choclate recipe
  • Indo Posting
    Very interesting and informative article. Good job, thanks for sharing! I ca...
Ultimate Easter Gift Ideas
Meetup.com: The 911 Baby and Growing Positive Community
Greenster - Meetup-com - The 911 Baby and Growing Positive Community
  • Nichelle Antoque
    The 9/11 attack has really changed the lives of people all around the globe....
  • Nichelle Antoque
    The 9/11 attack has really changed the lives of people all around the globe....
6 Simple Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle
Greenster - Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Chris
    Great article, we all really need to do our parts and do our best to live ec...
  • Hamish
    This post ties very nicely to the vegetarian paleo lifestyle.
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 105 – Present Wrapping
Greenster - Present Wrapping
  • tipster
    I always unpack my presents as careful as possible so I can use the paper ag...
  • coala
    great idea!i will try in next time to use one of these methods to make a gif...
How to Save Money While Being Eco-Friendly
Greenster - Save Money Eco-Friendly
  • Minesh Jain
    Such a nice article. Very informative and helped me a lot. You can also sav...
  • tonny
    very helpful post. now i know how to save my money and time.it's a really us...
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 106 – Making Room and Doing Good
  • Kyle
    Clutter! I usually blame the mess in the house on the kids until they remind...
  • Barb
    Great tips we really need to donate
Going Green Heating Cost Savers for 2011
  • Aslam
    Thanks for putting light on this important issue to mange our budget, which ...
  • Tina
    Nice tips. I am really keen about saving money and conserving energy. I knew...
If It’s Eco You Want, Cloth Diapers Are Good, and EC Is Better
  • Jane
    Great post here. This should do a great service to helping out the environme...
  • Clarissa
    wow this is an interesting method. something I never thought of doing.
Three Easy Ways to Lessen Your Thanksgiving Impact
  • Jane
    very useful information. I'm sure it can even carry over into Christmas and ...
  • Clarissa
    Great post here. I really like the meatless idea. It's something I'm sure ma...
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 104 – Get the Most out of Your Toothpaste
  • gayuh blog
    thanks for sharing Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 104 - Get the Most out of Your T...
  • kernuckle
    I do something similar with shampoo. When you can't get the last little bit ...
Teaching the Kids the Meaning of a Green Christmas
  • Vince
    It's kinf of turned around at our house. Our kids are teaching us how to be ...
  • kernuckle
    We decided to forgo presents to the adults in our families this year for a n...
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 103 – Closet Clean Up
  • carla
    Why didn't I think of this. Definitely great tip. This would help clean up...
  • samantha
    I always like your tips and I do follow them. This is another tip of yours ...
13 Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Clarissa
    lol. I really like the washing machine idea. That's pretty creative. Don't r...
  • Nursing Home
    I really like this article thank you. I convinced a friend to go to her hal...
Teaching the Kids the Meaning of Green
  • Paulius
    I totaly agree with you. We have to teach our kids to be green, to take care...
  • Charlotte Walmsley
    My little niece loves to learn about how we can help the environment and she...
Giving Organic Gifts to Your Loved Ones
  • Rosy
    This is indeed a great gift idea. I know just the person who’s going to lo...
  • Joel
    Wine is a great gift for anyone who drinks it (and it ties in with another b...
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 102 – Home Network Energy Hogs
  • Todd
    I never thought of shutting down the network.
  • zicoman
    Hi, Thanks for your tips on Eco friendly tips. The way we handle appliance...
thredUP Offers Kid’s Costume Exchange for Halloween
  • Jo An
    cool~ very practical tip. Thank you for sharing about ThredUP. I should try ...
  • Jo An
    cool~ very practical tip. Thank you for sharing about ThredUP. I should try ...
Eco-Friendly Friday Tips 101 – Recycling CFLs
  • The Dick Dujour
    I'm thrilled that there is increased understanding about disposing of the bu...
  • linda
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How to Compost; Build a Perfect Compost Pile
  • Melissa Rogers
    Before reading this one, I used to think that Composting is really a difficu...
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