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The Top 5 Ethical Fashion Brands to Watch: An Interview with Jules Hau of Foundation
Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 10.43.13 AM
Proof Sunglasses: Wooden Eyewear That Looks Good And Does Good
  • Julien Fruchier
    Jessica Zeigler Thanks for this. Cool product...and site. In the midst of t...
  • Jessica Zeigler
    http://www.moonwoods.com And they have a fb page. my friend who makes them i...
PaperFlops – Socially Responsible Flip-Flops Upcycled From Old Newspapers
  • Simon Blowes
    These are now available to buy in Europe! A british company are supporting t...
  • Vita Tänder
    Love the design! Looks comfy, and certainly eco-friendly. Hope that it's wat...
Supermodels Take It Off For Climate Change – 350.org
Greenster - Supermodels Take It Off For Climate Change
BioCouture: Kombucha and High Fashion
Greenster - Bio-Couture - Fashion Designer Suzanne Lee Experiments with Science 1
  • Louis Julien Fruchier
    I like the idea of the potential to create new sustainable textiles from cel...
  • Jake Anderson
    Ha. A little weird, I'll admit, but not a bad idea if people can get over th...
OKA b. Shoes That Love You
  • MissSapphire
    If I would see them on the street I'm sure I wouldn't noticed that they are ...
  • Zoe
    What lovely sandals. Didn´t know that recyclable shoes could be also so bea...
Tribal Societé Handmade Artisan Jewelry
  • Cindy
    I love their jewelry. It is very fashionable and elegant. Plus, I love the t...
  • andrew
    what a gorgeous collection 0_o my friend will love this! thanks for shari...
Greener Fashion Shopping
  • fio @ handle money
    I think this is great people always think to make green it doesn't exclude ...
  • Andrew
    I was actually just talking about thrift shopping last night. Our problem in...
Fire Hose Couture Is A Hot Look!
  • Rhonda
    That bag is so unique. You won't catch many copy catters out their imperson...
  • Veron
    OMG I can NEVER tell they're made from fire hoses!
Eco-Chic Recycled CHANEL Earrings
pink earrings
  • Slava
    Recycling stuff into earrings is a great idea; however I don't think many gi...
  • Ed @ Major Medical Rates
    As I mentioned earlier, my daughter is very green and she would like these t...
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