ideas for better living

Only Kindness Matters
only kindness matters
6 Ways to Get Real
get real
3 Ways Clean Eating Increases Spirituality
eating clean
  • iGOZEN
    I think when you eat clean your body is more happy. You feel better because ...
  • Anonymous
    Nowadays, have their health taken for granted! And this is a simple tips to...
9 Ways to Overcome Stress and Become Your True Self
true self
  • Erick Obiri
    Quite Imoressive™
  • Albert Nori
    Thanks alot, I almost hurt myself, and these helps alot in surviving myself...
Got Tension? Get Rid of it in 5 Minutes with this Tension Release!
tension release
  • Susannah Saunders
    Hi Hope, I teach a similar method to my clients but it's always fascina...
Are You Free?
you are free
  • Susannah Saunders
    Yes, I am free. I am self employed so work my own hours and live a very happ...
Spiritual Attraction Made Easy: 10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want!
spiritual attraction
  • Torontonicity.com
    A great list to keep us on track. Expanding on "Keep the Faith," I...
  • Alam Seru
    thank for sharing this information, so informative for me..
Learning to Let Go from Celine Dion and a Cab Driver
life lessons
  • Ali Bhamoo
    was slightly taken aback initially. There was no preamble, no explanation, n...
  • Katie Devine
    Thank you xx
Living Your Truth
3 Ways to Be Positive No Matter What Happens
be positive
  • Look-Like-Buy.com
    Most importantly do not allow people or situations get to you. When you stop...
Craving a Vacation? 10 Ways to Cultivate your Yoga Mind
Yoga Mind
  • Andrew Jason
    Awesome, Nice Sharing and very useful tips. I learned many things today, I h...
Happiness Challenge Week 1: A Clean Home is a Happy Home
happiness project
  • Gayle Kraus
    Cleaning out the "closet in your head" as you go... Wonderful insi...
  • Tracey Massaro Jason
    Christina Nicole such a great read. I felt so much of myself in this article...
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