Civic Duty Footwear: Conspire To Inspire

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Civic Duty shoes are more than just footwear. They are inspiration with laces.

Their creator Steven Weinreb got hit hard by the 2009 economic crash and rebounded with a business model, which proves that it is possible to be successful whilst being socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible.

He also proves that eco-clothing doesn’t have to mean tie-dyed hemp or carry a hefty price tag because it’s infused with bamboo or whatever the ‘it’ fabric of the time is.

The sneakers are made of Tyvek® , which is a durable, waterproof paper like material and can be recycled. Each year an exclusive shoe is designed with 100% of the profits donated to a social cause.

What’s even better is that they are all priced between $54 and $59 , so you can do good without breaking the bank.

Which is your favourite style?

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