Dell to Release Green PC

While I personally am a fan of the Mac, I’m not opposed to talking about a PC if it is eco-friendly. Dell should be releasing a new, more green PC later this year, and it has a very interesting look.


It is 81 percent smaller than a standard desktop and supposedly uses 70 percent less power. The casing is bamboo, which is a more easily renewable source than plastic and hardwood, taking 3-5 years to regenerate. The PC is also supposed to contain a variety of recycled plastics. At $500-$700, it is definitely worth looking into and doing more research on. What are your opinions? Do you think this is a better alternative to a standard PC?

On another note, if you aren’t opposed to spending more on a computer and are interested in Macs, the Macbook Air might be an option for you. It is made of recyclable aluminum, a mercury-free display, and arsenic-free glass. It uses less materials and less energy. Right now, for me, it is a bit pricey for its specs, starting at $1799, but I thought I would mention it.

For those of us not in the market for a new computer, you can reduce the impact of your current computer. For laptops, only leave it plugged in when it needs to charge. Once at 100%, you can unplug and run off the battery until you need to recharge again. Desktops should be turned off overnight, and during the day you can set them to hibernate after a certain period of inactivity. If you no longer want your computer, don’t throw it away! Recycle it by giving it to someone who can use it. Check your local schools, or put an ad in the paper. Craigslist is a site where you can list your free (or pay) items, and Freecycle is another site where you can list your free items based on your location. Remember to remove all information from the computer before giving it or selling it to anyone.

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