E-Cube: Solar-Powered, Modular Home

Greenster - E-cube Solar-Powered Modular Home

A team from the Ghent University of Belgium has designed a do-it-yourself building kit for a solar-powered house that is pre-engineered, factory-built, and easily assembled without special skills. Much like putting together a piece of furniture from IKEA, you can now put together your own solar-powered house!

Calling it the E-Cube, this innovation has the principal aim of creating “an affordable zero energy house” while bringing a DIY aspect to home-building and being simultaneously energy neutral. Although it may not initially have all the exterior aesthetics that everyone would want, the house does begin with a starter unit, which can be upgraded with enhancements to interior finishes as well as with extensions to the living space. This allows homeowners to personalize the house according to their time and budget.

So as soon as this product comes out on the market, you can start building your very own carbon neutral home and start your future on the right footprint. Who knows, this could even be a weekend project for a second home in the country!

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