Eco-Friendly Friday Tips Volume Forty Five

Eco-Friendly Friday

May 1st’s Tip

Clothes Hangers: Have clothes hangers going to waste with no clothes on them? Maybe a pile of wire hangers from your dry cleaners that you’ll never use? Bring them back to your dry cleaner. You may want to give them a call and ask first, but many will accept hangers back (ask about plastic ones, if you have those, too) – it saves them money.

Another option for getting rid of those hangers without tossing them in the trash might include local thrift stores (Goodwill and Salvation Army don’t seem to accept hangers). Small local shops may be in need, as well. If your local high schools/colleges have theater/drama classes, they may accept hangers for their costumes. Call ahead to these places to see if they are in need of your hangers.

Can’t find anywhere to donate them too? Try posting them for free on your local craigslist or Freecycle, you’re sure to find someone who can use them!


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