Eco-Friendly Friday Tips Volume Thirty Five

Eco-Friendly Friday

February 13th’s Tip

Valentine’s Day Weekend: We’ve talked about a few non-standard gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, but your loved one deserves more than just a day of feeling special, right? What about the whole weekend?

I don’t mean spending the whole weekend out and about, but spending it pampering your loved one or doing chores. Maybe you’ve been meaning to paint your bedroom or move the furniture in your living room for months now? Surprise him or her by finally getting it done this weekend. Or you can spend the whole weekend giving your loved one massages, cooking their favorite meals, and generally making them feel special and loved. Do they have a to-do list that’s been feeling neglected? Complete the list for them! Is there something you wouldn’t normally do without complaining (such as watching a marathon of chick flicks or action movies)? Do it (no complaining!) just to make them happy.

And to those who still think that a woman (or a man) won’t appreciate a well-thought out day / weekend at home, ask someone who has had all of their chores completed for them and who hasn’t had to lift a finger all weekend if they appreciate it, and I’m sure the answer will be YES!


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