Eco-Friendly Friday Tips Volume Twenty

Eco-Friendly Friday

October 24th’s Tip

Trick or Treat!: Halloween is just around the corner, and with party planning, picking out costumes, buying candy, or planning your trick-or-treat route for your little ones, the bag or container your child carries to collect his or her candy might be an afterthought.

There are lots of options, from plastic pumpkins to plastic bags sold by the dozens, most options aren’t quite eco-friendly. Save money and time with the method I used to collect my candy as a kid: pillow cases.

They’re big, so your child won’t run out of candy room, they’re something you already have at home so you won’t need to buy anything, and they’re a product you can use the rest of the year at home, so they won’t sit in a closet wasting away and collecting dust. Even better, they can be used over and over again, unlike those plastic trick-or-treat bags, which easily collect holes and need to be thrown away.


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