Eco-Friendly Friday Tips Volume Twenty Nine

Eco-Friendly Friday

December 26th’s Tip

Christmas Tree Recycling: Recycling fresh trees after Christmas can make a huge difference in reducing holiday waste. Instead of taking up space in the landfill, trees can be ground into wood chips, which can be used to mulch gardens or parks, used for beachfront erosion prevention, lake and river shoreline stabilization, fish habitats, and river delta sedimentation management. Search Earth911 for local centers that accept trees for recycling.

If there is no program in your area, consider starting one. For more information, visit Earth911′s How to Start A Christmas Tree Recycling Program.
If tree recycling is not currently offered in your area, learn how to create a program by reading the Earth911 Guide to Starting a Christmas Tree Recycling Program.

For recycling your tree at home, consider creating beautiful wreaths out of the branches, or create fragrant sachets with the tree’s pine needles. If you have the capability, you can turn your tree into mulch for your own compost pile. The mulch can also be used in your garden in the spring to help control the growth of weeds and prevent water loss.


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