3 Ways To Find Your Happy

find your happy

Though it may seem like a strange thing to say, the one constant in our life is change: seasons will change, our jobs can change, our personal and romantic relationships will change, and circumstances in life will always change. If we know that change is inevitable, then why do we get so bent out of shape when it happens?

Life will always throw us curve balls, and it’s up to us to play ball. We have an opportunity at every moment to flip things around. If things are not going the way you’d like them to, then choose your thoughts wisely, and switch things around!

Take these tips from my book “Find Your Happy”and learn to embrace chance and life’s unpredictable circumstances.

1. Don’t Try To Change Anyone

Wayne Dyer said, “You can not be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with…” When you love yourself fully, you can learn to not let other peoples’ actions or habits get to you.

The human ego has a nasty way of flaring up, especially when other people do things we don’t really like. Sometimes the inner critic will scream out that we aren’t lovable or worthy in the situation, and we’ll lash out by complaining, picking or manipulating other people.

If you find yourself picking on your romantic partner, boss, co-workers or children, and hoping they will change, ask yourself, why do you need them to change for you to be happy?

Many times this situation is a mirror to your own insecurities. Rather than focusing on changing them, look at yourself, because true peace and love is an inside job.

2. Live From Your Heart

When I left the corporate world a few years ago, I made a promise to myself: to always follow my heart and make no apologies for who I am. I am me, and I choose happy. Ask yourself where you are holding back in life. Is there something you’ve always wanted but you’ve refused to allow yourself to have it? Let your heart be your compass and it will always lead you to true happiness.

3. Turn Your Expectations into Appreciation

Tony Robbins says, “Trade your expectations for appreciation, and your world changes in an instant.” By replacing your expectations with more thankful thoughts, you will feel more powerful and free in the present moment.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your change and find your happy.

Photo Credit: SarahWebb

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