Geneva Motor Show 2012: Top 5 Green Machines


The ultimate in auto is currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Amongst the impressive line-up is the biggest range of eco-friendly cars ever seen. Here are my five favourite green picks

Sexy Green

The Ferrari 599 Hybrid


Ferrari switched from its famous livery red to green this year, when they unveiled this beauty. A 200mph electric hybrid, which is fuel efficient and cuts pollution without losing the brands signature acceleration and performance.  Ferrari say they plan on bringing the price down to a reasonable $500,000 within the next four years.

Wacky Green

Toyota FT-Bh


The Japanese have a tendency for wacky, futuristic design but the curves of this vehicle increase aerodynamics by 30%. Despite carrying a cumbersome petrol-electric motor; it weighs under 800kg. Every aspect of the car is efficient right down to the upholstery, which makes use of light and breathable fabrics for effective interior temperature management. The general response at the show was ‘eyesore’ but production is a few years away, maybe by then fuel-efficiency will make up for its looks.

Big Green

The Mitsubishi Outlander


The first 4WD hybrid in series production. It can travel 50km on electric power alone, while the petrol engine acts as a generator or supplements drive at the front wheels. Proof that SUV’s don’t have to be gas guzzlers.

Greenest Green 

The BMW i3 Concept


Possibly the most advanced take on the electric car yet. This four-passenger, ultra light, compact model is the ideal city car. It is purely electric, can be charged in six hours and has a 120 – 150km range. Sustainable + emission free = awesome.

Award-Winning Green

The Chevrolet Volt


Awarded “Car of the Year 2012” by a panel of 59 judges. The hybrid earned the title by excelling in quality, innovation, value for money and design. It is the perfect combination of fuel efficiency, reliability and performance.

It is great to see such a shift towards sustainable design, it shows that the manufacturers are responding to demand. Who knows what next year will bring!

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