Get Seasonal: The Most Useful Food Infographics Around


Food. It’s complicated to know exactly what’s best for your health and the Earth.  People talk about organic vs. local, raw vs. vegan, grass-fed vs. cage-free, and the list goes on.  One thing’s for sure though: eat seasonal.

Why? For starters, it’s cheaper. It’s simple Econ 101: if a food’s in season, there’s going to be a larger supply of it, meaning that the price will go down.  There’s a reason that the price of pears drops dramatically in fall, or that the price of asparagus drops in the spring– that’s when they’re in season and there’s the largest abundance of them available.

Not only is seasonal food cheaper, it’s also tastier.  If you’re buying a food out of season, it means either that it’s been shipped from quite far away or grown in a hothouse.  Both of these processes detract from the natural deliciousness of any given food. Trust me, there’s no comparison to a freshly picked strawberry or cherry in the spring.  By the time winter rolls around, you’ll be longing for these tastes. Additionally, the process of transporting a food can destroy some of the nutrients in it.

If you follow the seasons with your diet, you’re guaranteed variety in your foods all year round.  And if, like me, you can never remember just which foods are in season, here are some pretty amazing food infographics to help you keep track of what to stock up on each season.

Food Infographics

Food Infographics

Food Infographics

Infographics from Chasing Delicious

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