Green Stress Relief: Get Your Nature Fix



Mmmmm green…. Nature and the outdoors are integral to my happiness. I have attempted living in big cities like London and Toronto but felt like a caged animal. I thought it was because I grew up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and sheep. However it turns out that nature is in fact the ultimate stress reliever.

Getting fresh air and revelling in the beauty of things that surround you, whether it’s the seaside, mountains or even a spiders web have a therapeutic effect. It’s easy to lose our connection with nature when living a modern lifestyle, which tends to be focussed on staying indoors, air-conditioned, under artificial lighting. An easy way to remedy the problem is to bring the greenery inside, by investing in plants for your home and office (some are better than others).

Jaujac a picturesque French village took this idea to another level by unfurling a 1,400ft green carpet.


The idea was to link the nature-lacking, stone-clad village to its stunning surroundings. The inhabitants got a greenery fix and could walk on grass, which also has therapeutic effects. Pretty awesome I say.

Does nature therapy work for you or do you have an even better stress reliever?


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