Happy International Coffee Day: Our Top 8 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

From andthenwesaved.com

Happy International Coffee Day!  For this year’s International Coffee Day we’re focusing on… the coffee grounds?  Turns out, used coffee grounds don’t need to be thrown away but can be used to deodorize, fertilize, and even intensify your hair color.  Celebrate today by starting to save your coffee grounds and turn them into one of our top 8 uses for them!

1. Deodorizer: Dried out coffee grounds can be used to eliminate smells in your refrigerator or freezer (kind of like baking soda) or rubbed between hands to get rid of odors left over from food preparation!  Or, for a cleansing aroma in your car, dump coffee grounds into a leg of an old pair of nylons.  Tie of the leg so that the grounds form a tight ball and toss the ball into your car to be greeted with a fresh scent every time you get in!

2. Cleaning Product: By nature, coffee grounds are slightly abrasive and gritty, meaning that they’re ideal for scouring greasy and grimy surfaces and objects.

3. Dye: Use coffee grounds to create a rich brown color for fabric or paper.

4. Insect Repellant: If sprinkled around ant piles or entryways, the grounds will repel any ants.

5. Hair Care: Run coffee grounds through your hair while showering and they’ll soften and add shine to your hair.  For brunettes, steep a day’s worth of used coffee grounds in 2 cups hot water for about 15 minutes and then rinse through hair for a darker, more vibrant shade.

6. Fertilizer: Believe it or not, coffee grounds have helped farmers to grow some of the biggest melons, tomatoes, and carrots around.  The minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that coffee grounds add to the soil cause vegetables to become stockier and less prone to insect infestation.

7. Furniture Healer: Rub wet coffee grounds on furniture to cover up any scratches.

8. Body Scrub: Add 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1/8 cup aloe vera to the day’s used coffee ingredients.  Mix until it forms a pasty cream and rub all over body for an exfoliating scrub.

Start saving those coffee grounds, and pretty soon, you can add that delicious aroma to every part of your life (and save money!). Happy International Coffee Day!

Photo Credit: And Then We Saved
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