Kristen Bell on Water Conservation, Veganism, and Staying Healthy

kristen bell

Kristen Bell is going green.  After the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star’s recent trip to Ethiopia with Charity: Water, she witnessed the water crisis firsthand and was inspired to look at her own water usage.  As she discovered, access to clean water isn’t just a problem relegated to the developing world, it’s a concern for everyone.  As she put it in a recent interview, “Clean water and water in general is not an endless resource.”

Since returning from Ethiopia, Bell has partnered with Neutrogena Naturals for their “Jump in, Jump out, Join in” campaign that encourages water conserving-habits, like taking shorter showers.

Not only is she an advocate for water conservancy, she’s also a recent vegan.  After being a vegetarian for over 19 years, Kristen was worried about missing cheese too much.  Luckily she discovered delicious alternatives:

“I discovered Daiya, which melts just like regular cheese. It certainly doesn’t taste exactly like real cheese, but it’s really, really good. When I order vegan pizza now, I am glad that the Daiya is so yummy but lacks the healthy feeling a lot of chees can give you. And honestly, there are so many good substitutes available now that I really don’t miss anything!”

Not only is it delicious, but being vegan helps her to stay fit and healthy on the inside, leaving cardio to work on the outside. In her recent interview, Kristen described her fitness philosophy:

“I would pass on to the next generation the importance of taking care of your body both inside and out. It’s all about being respectful to yourself because long-term you will feel and see the difference, and everyone else will see it too. Know that you always deserve to feel good and that that can happen by taking good care of yourself. I make it a priority to look after my skin and health because things can get very chaotic. When I feel and look healthy, it actually helps me manage a busy schedule better.”

With this attitude, it’s no wonder she’s so successful and passionate about the environment.  These are definitely words to live by.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

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