Last Minute School Supply Shopping? Take One Small Step


In 2008, Renata Bodon’s daughter entered a school that required waste-free lunches. She found it challenging to find safe and high-quality reusable lunchware, so she founded One Small Step – a one-stop online resource that features everything from eco-friendly baby bottles, food containers, wraps, and lunch bags to napkins, lunch ware and more. A great resource for this year’s back to school finds, One Small Step also offers EcoStaplers, Greenciles (pencils), backpacks and other hard-to-find eco-friendly items.

One Small Step’s products are:

  • environmentally-friendly
  • safe & non-toxic (no lead, BPA, Phthalates, PVC, etc.)
  • stylish

Considering the average child’s lunchtime trash totals up to 67 pounds per school year, that’s about 10 tons of trash a year – from lunchbox waste alone. Not only is it better for the environment to set up a waste-free lunch system, but it is also better on your wallet – the average disposable lunch costs approximately $4.02 per day while the average waste-free lunch costs about $2.65 per day.

Renata is committed to using One Small Step as a platform for educating families and communities on the merits of waste-free meals and environmentally friendly school supplies. “If we educate our children on a waste-free lifestyle, they will educate their friends and families, ultimately helping the environment,” states Bodon. To encourage organizations to get on board, One Small Step donates 10 percent of gross sales back to partnering schools and non-profits.

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