Law of Attraction: Thought Vibrations

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I am an uber geek. I’m not ashamed. The Masters in chemistry and the black rimmed glasses give it away so there is no point in hiding it. It is maybe my love of science that makes the subject of thought vibrations so interesting, I apologise if you don’t share the enthusiasm but I encourage you to read on, it could change your life.

Motivational coaches and self-help authors have become very popular as a tool to aid us in reaching our full potential and even going beyond what we thought was possible. I stumbled upon William Walker Atkinson, who is an old-school Anthony Robbins. His book ‘Thought Vibration: The Law of Attraction In The Thought World’ is pure brilliance. So much so I want to create a new theme – ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’. There is just too much to share in one article so every thursday I am going to give you an insight into the world of thought vibrations, which could help you become even more awesome.

So lets begin…

1. The Law Of Attraction In The Thought World

(As we are in the age of ADDH and time famine, I have kindly provided you with a video at the end of the article, where an image of Atkinson reads the first chapter of his book, as an alternative to my summary. However the voice over is very annoying, sorry).

Science has given us sufficient evidence to accept there are attractive forces that cause magnetism, forces that keep the Earth circling around the sun and forces that hold atoms together so they can form, well, everything including ourselves. Atkinson believed that our attraction to things we desire or fear should also be considered as a force. He claimed that when we think we emit vibrations that can be regarded in the same way as sound, heat, light and magnetism ie. vibrations of energy with different frequencies.

So essentially we can use this force (getting very Star Wars now) to attract objects, outcomes and other human beings – The Law of Attraction. By being conscious of your thought patterns and making a habit to routinely think positively, you will slowly increase the frequency of your being. Eventually your normal thought vibrations will become more attractive to things like love, happiness, and self-fulfilment. On the other hand the more negative your thoughts, the lower your frequency and the harder it will be for you to obtain what you want in life. We make our own surroundings and can’t blame others, no matter how much we want to.

Thoughtful Thursdays will explore thought vibration in more depth. We will learn how controlling our thoughts can enhance all aspects of our lives. As a scientist I am not 100% convinced about the physical presence of thought vibrations, I have been rigorously trained to not accept what cannot be solidly proven or disproved. However I am going to try this out as my own experiment. It is a very intriguing concept, one must never underestimate the power of the mind!!

Here is the video as promised.


We would love to hear you views on the theory of thought vibrations. Do you think they exist? Have you experienced them?

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