Living Wall: Reduce Energy Costs and Air Pollution

Active-Modular-Phytoremediation-System-SOM-CASE-Living Wall Reduce Energy Costs Air Pollution greenster.com

Walls that breathe!! Not as creepy as it sounds. As a warning this post has a few long fandangly words but you can use them in conversation this afternoon and everyone will think you are really clever.

The concept of the wall was designed by The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE). It uses an ‘Active Modular Phytoremediation Wall System’ (AMPS), which is the technical way of saying that it maximises the ability of plants to clean air.

The system works by blowing air across the plants rhizosphere, a biologically active area located on the surface of the roots. The rhizosphere can absorb 200 times the pollutants than the roots or leaves, meaning this method vastly increases the effectiveness of the plants.

CASE claims that by recirculating air through the AMPS, the need for air from outside is reduced, which in turn lowers energy costs associated with heating or cooling that outside air.

Me encanta, which is Spanish for I like it a lot (not only are you learning long words but also another language this is quite the efficient post), what do you think?

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