A Holiday Greeting from the Heart: Merry Christmas

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When I think about this time of year I usually think about what to give to someone for Christmas.  For a younger generation it’s “what do I want for Christmas”.  And when I step out into the crazy world of Christmas-extravaganza-appaloosa, which now starts well before November 1st, piled on top of that the political politeness of how to celebrate a holiday in general.  I wonder what the heck happened to all of us???  I myself, as a yoga studio owner often pause, wondering how to greet people at the studio and even more so what to do and how to act not to offend someone during this time of year.

I am very open about my journey and my belief system and am not afraid to kindly share where I am at with that in regards to Christianity, Eastern practices, God, prayer, chanting, meditation and authentic, mindful daily living.  I myself have gone all over to find where I fit in.  And what I have found and in the recent years is we are all here to learn, all here to be, all here to grow and whatever path we chose to take to get there, it is for our choosing and for our Higher Power to judge.

So how does this relate to the Holiday and Christmas season?  Well let me first start with the fact that all over the world families, social-sects, congregations, countries, all somehow share in the gift of giving, the gift of gratitude and kindness.    I myself grew up Catholic and even when to a Catholic grade school, and at this point in my life I look back and am blessed for that, I believe, this did make me more mindful of others, more conscious of my choices and instilled in me the need to have some sort of belief system and most importantly be respectful and responsible for my actions.

merry christmasIf we look to where “Christ-mas” came from, Christ accepted all, no judgment, no casting of an eye because they strummed to a slightly different beat or maybe a slightly different drum all together.  I had the opportunity while attending Marquette to take some classes on philosophy and religion and studied the Bible in quite a depth, and the breakdown I received will be carried on with me forever.

And as you page through a book like the Bible these texts in a very simple way are filled with kindness, asking to be truthful, honest, grateful, forgiving, loving, committed and thankful. And many other texts are asking of the same thing too.  For a long time I stopped reading this book as I was put off from some of what is now over emphasized in some Christian belief systems.  This allowed me to open my eyes to others roads to happiness and gratitude and a good life.  At 28 years old I feel that there is a merger between all of this, and that you can get a little goodness from everything.

And as this holiday soon comes I will say Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s, Peace be with You, and God Bless, because to me, this is a reminder to reflect on who you are, and all things considered, since this holiday is a representation of Christ’s birth.  A simple salutation that says STOP and offer peace and gratitude, that someone out there has less than you, and someone out there really needs your blessings.

So when you greet someone this season, say what you mean, and stand behind what you say.  You do not have to be a Bible thumper, or a daily church go-er to exchange what this season has to offer each one of us.  But we all should own what we offer.  I may not go to church every day or even every week, but my heart is in the right place and I am able to do other things to equally represent what is in my heart and share what is good, and sometimes that is better.  My mat most days has become my temple, where I go to be, think, release, and more so, listen to God.

So I honor what this season brings us and know each one of you can find a way to do the same.  So go out and give the gift of sincerity, truthfulness, and a meaningful greeting (maybe even followed up with an honest hug) and see where that takes you.


Photo Credit: Q Thomas Bower, Simon Keeping

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