Miessence Organic Aroma Free Deodorant

miessence.jpgIn the last few years, I’ve been through and given up on probably at least a dozen deodorants. Before I knew about the possible dangers of your standard deodorant (the aluminum issue, mostly), I had tried a number of those searching for one that worked. The problem with most of those for me wasn’t that they didn’t stop the stinks, but that they gave me rashes. And most of them didn’t stop the stinks. Not to mention the aluminum.

So when I started trying out natural deodorants, I thought I had found my solution. The first one I tried seemed to work great – no rash + no stink = happy me! Unfortunately, it seemed to stop working after a few weeks. On to the next! Same problem. I’m not sure how many I had tried before I decided that if nothing is going to work anyway, I’m just going to go deodorant-free.

Then I was contacted by Erin at Ely Organics. I actually searched for reviews on the aroma free organic deodorant because I was pretty skeptical of it, but the reviews I found were all positive, so I decided to give it a shot. That was back in… hmm… July? That’s right, I wasn’t giving this one an easy time at a positive review because I know my body and deodorants. Well, it’s now almost January, and I figure I’ve given it long enough. And it’s positive.

Not to say the deodorant is perfect. It worked great all summer. For the summer months, I could put it on in the morning after a shower, and I would STILL be stink free before the next morning’s shower… no matter what the day’s activities were. Impressive. Strangely enough, it’s the heavier winter clothing, not the summer heat, that’s been putting a strain on it – I need to reapply before the day is over – but it’s holding it’s own. And! No rashes!

So I have to say that I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it when I run out of my review product. No, I will be buying it, I’m just not sure if I want to stick to the aroma free or try one of the scents.

Check out Ely Organics for more Miessence organic skin care products.



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