Did You Know? The New Year’s Eve Ball is Green (INFOGRAPHIC)

new year's eve ball

Though it may not look it, as you watch the New Year’s eve ball drop in Times Square at midnight this year, celebrate a greener 2013!

A few years ago, Philips Electronics started providing LED lights (32,256 of them to be exact) to light the ball as it drops to commemorate the passing of another year. These LED lights use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and, according to Philips Electronics, if every American household switched to energy-efficient lighting, 87.5 million tons of carbon dioxide would be reduced by consumers, saving $15.8 billion in energy costs.

That’s no small chunk of change. Feeling inspired to install some LEDs in your home to replace your traditional bulbs?

If not, read on to the infographic below to see just how green the New Year’s Eve Ball has become.

new year's eve ball

Photo Credit: James Russo, Earth911

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