OneMoment Shoes: Foldable Waterproof Biodegradable Awesome


A lightweight, waterproof, shoe that you can put in your pocket and then turns into nothing when you throw it out? Yes please!

Amazon natives are the true inventors here. They would paint the soles of their feet with natural latex, from the sap of Hevea trees to form a thin protective layer, which degraded when finished with. OneMoment, a company based in Spain, have reinvented this concept for the modern world. The shoes are made out of natural biopolymers rather than tree-sap but they are still 100% biodegradable. They measure a mere  2 millimeters thick on the sole, and just 1 millimeters around the foot so you get the barefoot benefits. They roll up for easy storage. To clean them, you can either give them a rinse or throw them in the washing machine. Then once their time is up simply shred and compost them.

They have become popular among surfers, back-packers, kayakers, scuba divers, moms taking their kids to swimming lessons and partiers that need comfy shoes to walk home in. Their new 01M line comes in 7 colours, 5 sizes and you can customise them with whatever graphics you fancy.

I think they would be so handy for summer on the beach. What do you think, would you wear them and what for?

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