Words May Break Your Bones (Not Sticks and Stones)

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Words mold your reality: they have the power to act as a bridge between the nonphysical and physical, and can not be taken lightly. Through the power of words, we can claim to be anything and anyone, and, oftentimes, our outward projection is a self we’ve created to believe in.  This self, however, is not our truth.  The evidence in our truth is more easily seen in our treatment of others, ourselves and of life on this planet.

Gossip has the power of a contagious virus.  Those around us are reflections of fragmented parts of our selves and sending negativity and ego towards our brothers and sisters of this world does not reflect well.  Speaking ill of another person or treating others unfairly causes sickness–not only in them, but also in us. Spreading false truths affects more than just the parties involved – it affects us all on a deeper level of consciousness, creating discord within our community.  These actions alone are degrading, and lower our spiritual energy.  It shows that you as a person lack the responsibility and integrity that are needed to have loyalty and love for your fellow humans.

Fact or fiction?  Is the story that you are sharing with another person in alignment in truth or based in a false reality that you’ve created by the little bits of information you have gathered from your perception of the world?  Sometimes in life we look through a little window without an understanding of the bigger picture, or we presume to know another based on limited knowledge and without walking in their shoes.  It is ignorant and lacking spiritual intelligence to assume that you have all the pieces of a puzzle, and that you can decipher and discern what the picture itself is reflecting.

power of wordsAs a community, it is our responsibility to hold each other in the highest light as well as for us to protect one another and honor each other as brothers and sisters of the light.  Would you allow anyone to speak ill of your family?  Then why would you allow so much gossip to pass your ears without taking action to stop it?  In my family culture that derives from Haiti gossip is taken seriously.  We believe that when you spread rumors or untruths about another person, you are actually cursing them and holding them in darkness.  Hence the term, “curse words”.  We as a society have to take our awareness to a new level and be willing to step up and speak out against anything contaminating us with low energy and words that tear down instead of building up.  I often hear in conversations where someone is talking about another person without even knowing or understanding them, basing their own judgments on the belief system that they have created.  The limited perspective of our minds prevents us from ever knowing the whole truth and reality of another.

We are at a time in our evolution where the old ways and conditions of how we associate ourselves with one another is changing.  To even engage in the gossip, bickering, distractions and negativity sets us back.  We can no longer allow these curses, lacks, limitations and fears into our minds and bodies.

Each time we are presented with this negativity, we have a choice to confront these people with redirection, diplomacy and love.  We have to let them know that there is a higher way of being, living and sharing.  We can be an example to others as leaders, forging a new consciousness and awareness that our words have strength and meaning. This may seem like a minor issue, however there is a growing increase of gossip and disempowering language, the magnitude of which cannot be understated.  Not only is it prevalent in entertainment but we also see it as a way of daily communication instead of sharing the beauty, glory and joy of being alive with all the wondrous things we are experiencing in our lives.  On TV all you hear is about other people’s lives.  This has become a distraction for humanity, and, just by watching, we become supporters.  Many of us are aware of this yet we keep buying the magazines, watching the shows and listening to the drama that curses, defiles and degrades our society and our global community.  Sure, they are celebrities, so it’s ok to gossip about them.  Wrong.  It’s not ok.  Look at all the beautiful people we have lost because of judgment and gossip, by putting them on a platform to be idolized, dissected and ridiculed.  Who would want to remain on a planet where they are constantly scrutinized and attacked?  We do the same in our own lives so it makes no difference if it’s us or them because we are all connected and reflected by one another.  We are all members of the same family of people sharing a planet.  It is our honor and our destiny to uphold love and awareness to make a change here.

Have you ever heard the words, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?”  Heed this lesson and be mindful of toxic mouths spreading germs of untruth. Ask the divine to clear your tongue and throat of any venom that you might be holding onto and using unconsciously or consciously.  I believe that there will come a time in our evolution where all of us as people will stand and support only experiences and choices that move us forward together, and that we will overcome our past transgressions against one another and speak, live and act from love.  I know that when I say these words to you it is done as in heaven so on earth.  I love you all and may the words you speak be filled with joy, love and truth.

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt, Steven Depolo

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