7 Reasons You Should Be Juicing

Green drink

Green drinks– have you tried them yet? Trust me, I was as much a skeptic as anyone else, but the day I tried my first Green Drink was life-changing.

I remember it as if it happened yesterday. The night before my first green juice I was up until 2 am, all hopped up on caffiene. Almost falling asleep at my desk the next day, a friend presented a green drink to me at work as a “gift.” He was an older gentlemen and, out of respect for elders, I decided to drink it, and not just drink it, slam it.

Shockingly, I found, well, that I kind of liked it.  It was sweet and tasted nothing like spinach, kale or, even worse. broccoli.

And later, I was amazed at how much natural energy this green drink gave me. I hunted my friend down asking him what was in it and how to start. He told me to get a juicer, and I did just that.

Getting off of work I b-lined it straight to Costco to get my first juicer: The Jack Lalanne Power Pro.  $99.00 a small price to pay for this miracle device. And, since then, I’ve felt incredible, filled with energy and a powerful sense of well-being. Over time my daily habit of juicing changed my body.

If you’re sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether you should give juicing a go, perhaps you can be convinced? Below are 7 reasons why you need to be juicing. Trust me, it’s worth it!

1. Energy

It has to be experienced to be believed. Juicing fruits and vegetables makes them easy to digest. Energy that would otherwise have been spent on digestion can be spent on more important things.

Fresh juice supplies the body with a concentrated batch of vitamins and minerals in their natural form. With the extra nutrition, your body’s performance will improve and more energy will be available.

2. Weight Loss

Many people have told incredible stories about weight loss after beginning juicing. Why? As a general rule, weight gain and obesity can be linked with processed foods, synthetic ingredients such as preservatives and a general lack of regular exercise.

Juicing helps on all fronts: a) Juicing is entirely natural, b) Fresh fruit and vegetable juice contains no synthetic ingredients like preservatives, and c) with the extra energy, you’ll WANT to exercise.

3. Detox

Our livers are responsible for cleansing and detoxifying the blood, which makes them absolutely essential. Every day, blood runs through the liver to be purified of toxins and waste matter.

With a diet of unhealthy food, the liver struggles and the blood is likely to be sub-optimal.  Since one function of the blood is to move oxygen around the body, giving energy to limbs and organs, poor blood quality equals low energy.

Additionally, fresh juice is absorbed very quickly, so it hits the blood and liver, aiding the detoxification process and helping the liver to do a fantastic job.

green drink4. Sleep Like a Log

More than 30% of people suffer from insomnia. A big reason why some people struggle to sleep is that their diet sucks. Lots of refined carbs, heavy meats and processed food drain the body of energy and interrupt the natural sleep pattern.

Juicing on a regular basis makes it easy to bounce out of bed in the morning. You’ll wake up well-rested and ready to make the most of the day ahead.

5. Prevent Disease

Disease thrives in bodies which are filled with toxins, bacteria and carcinogens, most of which are found in unhealthy food. This applies to fast food as well as things like “white” bread.

To prevent disease and effectively defend itself, the body requires a wide assortment of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Juicing is a simple and easy way to meet this need, and many have reported success at preventing and curing disease with juicing.

6. Improve Relationships

When you’re feeling great (and juicing will make you feel awesome), you’ll naturally handle your relationships better. You’ll find it easier to be loving and have the energy to be a fun person.

7. Enjoy Life

When you feel healthy, you get more out of life. As you’ve seen above, juicing (and healthy living as a whole) can change someone’s life and enable them take delight in the joy of it.

Photo Credit: Arnold Gatilao, Pedro Simoes
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