Screw Kermit the Frog: It’s Easy Being Green

A lot of people that I come in contact with share sentiments with Kermit the Frog and think that “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” (OK, I really just wanted to crowbar a Muppets reference into a post.)

They think you need to install solar panels on your home or buy a new hybrid car and that if you aren’t perfect, then there is no point at all.

Being green isn’t about being perfect. To me being green is about making the best possible choices that you can given your current circumstances.

The all in or nothing at all mentality scares away a lot of people from doing anything at all and they continue on with their current ways.

This is one of the reasons that I started a blog to show people simple ways that they can go green. Some of these things people are already doing on a daily basis, but don’t realize that it’s “green.”

Another blog that I check out regularly who has the mindset of, “…making the greenest choices for YOU” is Easy Eco To Go by Julia Johnsen.

That’s a statement that I can get down with. Do what’s best for you. We are each living our own lives and on our own journey. Each of us are faced with different situations on a daily basis and can’t be perfect all the time. Life is too short to be perfect.

Peachy Green also just posted “Go Green Without Going Broke” for those of you who are budget conscious.

Here’s three simple things that you can do today (and everyday). No solar panels required:

So I say, “Screw Kermit the Frog!” It is easy being green. I always liked Animal better.

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