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Save Money with 10 Green Habits
save money
  • Joe Ecosapien
    Instead of air fresheners, try potpourri bags consisting of dried flowers, s...
  • Nancy Seaberg
    I would rather use a pressure cooker than a slow cooker. Food is tender, del...
10 Powerful Reasons To Try Feng Shui!
feng shui
  • Michelle Raymond
    Dana, you are so right on! I have taken criticism from Feng Shui traditional...
Wood is Good: 5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Toys for your Kids
wooden toys
Juicing vs Blending: Include Both in Your Diet
juicing vs blending
Herbs for Stress to See You Through the End of the World
herbs for stress
  • Sam Kellen
    I've bought quite a few of the plants mentioned above super-cheap for a...
  • Anonymous
    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this blog post. It was helpful....
7 Things You Can Do NOW to Simplify Your Life
simplify your life
  • Anonymous
    Hi, Sandy..its nice to sea you..I really love your blogs...thanks for this b...
The Hidden Health Benefits of Castor Oil
castor oil packs
  • Marie Romero Cash
    I was told not to reuse the cloth again because it's purpose is to remo...
  • Sivri E Mayhew
    ...it literally tells you what the effect you're going for will be in t...
7 Living Walls to Inspire
Living Walls
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