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Got Tension? Get Rid of it in 5 Minutes with this Tension Release!
tension release
  • Susannah Saunders
    Hi Hope, I teach a similar method to my clients but it's always fascina...
Craving a Vacation? 10 Ways to Cultivate your Yoga Mind
Yoga Mind
  • Andrew Jason
    Awesome, Nice Sharing and very useful tips. I learned many things today, I h...
5 Simple Steps Towards A More Meditative Life
meditative life
5 Easy Ways to Become a Healthier You
green tea
  • Anonymous
    Yes, green tea is the shizzle. Been drinking it for years. Also lint seeds...
  • Greenster
    If you have the strength, do them everyday and for no longer than a minute o...
A Candle Meditation
candle meditation
  • Judy Levor
    Wanted a simple candle to start meditating. Nope, can't handle it...
The Psychology of Meditation
psychology of meditation
  • Lara Berg
    Great article, Chad Eckert. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight...
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