What’s Wrong With What We Eat: A TED Talk by Mark Bittman

mark bittman ted talk

Making a New Year’s Resolution to start cooking more, eating healthier, and/or eating local? Then you might stumble across the name Mark Bittman in your search for recipes or information about what you should eat and where your food is coming from.

He’s the food writer for The New York Times as well as a bestselling cookbook author, most famous for his books, How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian which go back to the basics and bring simple cooking back to the kitchen.

In Mark Bittman’s TED talk, he descirbes how we eat way more calories than are good for us, mostly from foods that cause disease. We don’t need these foods. The evidence is clear that we need plants.

Plants promote health. Eat more plants and eat less other stuff and you will live longer. If you look back in history, you see that no one ate nutrients or ingredients, they ate food. Even better? People all ate local because that’s all that was available to them.

Take 20 minutes out of your day (or turn this on while you prepare your dinner) and watch Mark Bittman’s TED talk about what’s wrong with what we eat. I promise you’ll learn something new about the food on your plate.

Photo Credit: Mike Licht

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