The Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is one of those sneaky gifts that once opened keeps on giving and giving. It’s a priceless gift because it can beat stress, stop you being sad, angry or upset. Plus it boosts your happiness which leads to creativity, success and all sorts of good stuff. Who wouldn’t want that?

To get you started on your attitude of gratitude check out this infographic. It made me feel damn lucky.

Make the attitude long-term by trying out these ideas.

1. Compile a list of everything you are grateful for. I mean everything, from the air you breathe to the camera on your cell phone. Then whenever you feel sad or angry read the list. Actually don’t limit it to those times, read it everyday if you can.

2. Send a letter or a thank you note to someone that you feel you don’t appreciate enough. I think letters are more touching than e-mails or Facebook but you know best.

3. Take time to feel awe and wonder at the world. See the beauty in your surroundings. It doesn’t take long and the shift in your mood will be magical.

That’s just 3 suggestions have you got any more? How do you show your gratitude and does it make you feel happier?

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