Top Picks: Upcycled Art

Henrique Oliveira greenster.com

Come marvel at our favourite upcycled creations and the genius of the artists behind them.

1. Recycled Bottle Car Canopy

Nebraska designer Garth Britzman collected  1,500 plastic pop bottles and partially filled them with colored liquid to create an awesome parking canopy for his car.

2. Cardboard ‘Scream’

Mark Langan is an Ohio based artist, who uses his upcycling skills to create all sorts of incredible sculptures including a rendition of Edward Munch’s ‘Scream’. His medium is corrugated cardboard sourced from his own neighbourhood. Impressive indeed.

3. Transforming the mundane

British artist Susan Stockwell transforms everyday objects into powerful pieces that address various themes including; technology, ecology, politics, identity and migration. Our favourites include ‘Flood’ and ‘Taipei Stack’ part of the ‘Vulnerable Ecologies’ collection, made out of 4 tons of scrap computer parts. Map dress, which explores colonialism and the British Empire and ‘Chinese Dream’ a map of the world made of Chinese money notes.

4. Wooden wonders

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliviera, scours the streets of Sao Paulo for weathered plywood, which he then separates into layers and combines to create his massive “tridimensionals” sculptures. His works are astonishing, they dominate every exhibition space, over-powering their viewers in a wonderful way.

Know of any other awesome upcycing artists? Tell us about them, we would love to check out their work.

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