Tripledge Recyclable Windshield Wipers


In 2009, 10 million new cars were sold and 14 million cars were scrapped (www.Earth-policy.org). Now, if each of these cars has at least two wiper blades, that’s 48 million rubber wiper blades bound for a landfill somewhere. Not good. But you can’t drive around without wiper blades. It’s just not practical, nor is it safe. So what’s a good green samaritan to do?

Jamak Fabrication, one of the largest manufacturers of wiper blades, has created the Tripledge GREEN Wiper Blade – the first ever 100% fully recyclable wiper blade. The Tripledge GREEN Wiper Blade is a high-quality, durable, silicone blade produced so that all components can be recycled. Silicone is not a petroleum-based product; therefore it is easily recyclable, unlike organic rubber squeegees. Jamak has created a unique technology which can repolymerize the silicone blade 100% back into a raw polymer product and make new silicone products immediately. No landfill. No partial recycling.

The packaging the wipers come in is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The metal from from the wipers can be put in your recycling bin and the silicone can be returned to Jamak to be reclaimed and made into new automotive parts. If you do mail them back for recyling, you wil receive a 25% discount on any new blade product.

Why would you want a recyclable blade? Consider this – the annual amount of petroleum wiper waste from organic rubber wipers is equivalent to 2 football fields covered in 1 foot of petroleum wiper waste in the U.S. alone, nearly 6 football fields worldwide.

And if you’re worried about how the Tripledge GREEN blade works, don’t. I’ve got a set on my car, which replaced a standard set that had called it quits on me. The Tripledge works just as well or better than the standard set did when it was new. No streaks (which, for some reason, tend to give me problems with almost all other wipers), and they handle the pouring rain very well. Can’t wait to try them out in the snow this winter!

Disclosure: Although Jamak provided a sample product for review on Focus Organic, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.
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