Vitamin Green – The Definitive Guide To Sustainable Design

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Vitamin Green is inspiration between two covers - the definitive guide to sustainable design. It contains 100 of the most exciting and original green designs from eyeglasses to skyscrapers. Each entry was nominated by an international collection of designers, curators, critics and thinkers. Examples include;

The Lapin Kulta Solar Restaurant, a combination of eatery and art installation, which uses no energy other than that of the sun. It is the brainchild of designer Martí Guixé and culinary genius Antto Melasniemi.

Edible Estates lead by Fritz Haeg, aims to replace America’s largest crop (and its most wasteful) with functional vegetable gardens.

The “Living Wall” at the Musée du Quai Branly, the first large scale vertical garden designed by  Patrick Blanc.

The Andrea natural air purification system. Fake snake skin bags by FreitagPlastiki‘s 60-foot catamaran made of recycled PET and reclaimed plastic bottles. NYC’s High-Line.

As Amara Holstein puts so eloquently in the introduction,

“From the macro to the micro, projects are fomenting and coming together as designers begin seriously to reinvent and reimagine sustainability in the built environment. With need as the impetus, and nature as our inspiration, we might actually stand a chance of learning to live in harmony with our planet. We’re at a tipping point of design. It’s time to decide which way the professionalism will go.”

Of course the book itself is eco-friendly. The cover is crafted from recycled egg cartons and all of the pages are made from sustainably sourced paper. It is a positive insight into the creative solutions available to us. A highly recommend read and coffee table addition.

It is available from  12 May 2012 and can be pre-ordered from Phaidon and Amazon.

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